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    Weekend Update – Labor Day Weekend

    Hi, friends! I hope everyone had a great long weekend. It was so nice to have an extra day to spend at home with family – but it went by so quickly! We’re doing a few things around the house tonight and getting ready for a short week this week. This recap is brought to you by Instagram stories because apparently I didn’t take any other pictures most of the weekend 🙂 Blake had a fantasy football draft event with his friends Friday night, so I stayed home with Luke and had a night to myself after he went to bed. I made some cheese-less pizza (I swear it’s better…

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    Weekend Recap – 8/20

    Happy Monday, Friends! It’s a gray day here in Georgia, but we had really nice weather all weekend, so I can’t complain too much. I’m kicking this week off with a Fantasy Football draft even with some of my girlfriends and I can’t wait to catch up with them! My husband and his group of friends have had a fantasy football league since college and all the girls used to complain when they would talk about it/spend all day Sunday watching the games. So one of the guys set up a league for us (called A Fantasy League of Their Own haha) and now we’re just as obsessed. Well…probably not,…

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    Weekend Update – August 12

    Hello, hello! We had a busy weekend and I’m currently parked on the couch to write this blog post, watch a little TV and then head to bed. My nephew’s birthday is on Tuesday and I’m excited to see him and celebrate! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to take on the week. I worked from home Friday afternoon so was able to grab Luke before rush hour hit which was so nice. My mom stopped by on her way home and we all played together for a bit before Blake got home. Luke has started pulling up on everything and only wants to be standing…

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    Weekend Update – 8/6

    Seeing as it’s now Thursday morning, this Weekend Update is obviously a little late 🙂 Our weekend extended into Monday night, and by the time I got home and got my week started, I ran out of time to get in a timely update. I thought about skipping it this week, but we had SUCH a fun weekend that I wanted to capture it in a post and share some pictures. And now…there’s only two more days until the weekend starts again! The first part of the weekend kicked off with a bang! I met up with three of my best girlfriends for dinner and a concert. These girls are…

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    5 Minute Makeup Routine

    Before I had a baby, I would wake up in the morning to an alarm clock, scroll through Instagram, check my emails, take a shower, and leisurely get ready for the day. I knew life would change with an infant…but I had no idea just how much! Luke has always been an early riser which means he typically is the one who wakes us up in the morning (I seriously don’t even set an alarm anymore). The problem is…it’s so early that there’s no way Blake and I could get up any earlier to get a head start on getting ready for the day. Therefore, once he’s up, it’s a…